Savings & investments

Savings & Investments

Our Investment Approach

We have developed investment portfolios that cover the mainstream asset classes including shares, fixed interest securities, cash and property.

  • The portfolios are tailored to match different levels of attitude to risk and capacity for loss.
  • We use software to research the whole market of collective investment funds every month.

The process is like using a giant funnel, and then through careful application of client focused criteria we end up with a refined selection of investment funds to use in our portfolios.

The FCA (The Financial Conduct Authority) showed that past investment performance is of no use when predicting future performance in their Occasional Paper 9 titled “Past Imperfect” (August 2000). We do not therefore make decisions based upon past performance, but we do look at historic volatility, preferring to avoid the more volatile funds.

  • We aim to select funds with lower on-going charges so that you get more of the return.
  • We use a blend of active funds and passive funds.
  • There are also ethical and socially responsible versions of our investment portfolios.

When the opportunity arises, we will seek to add value through asset allocation decisions that take into account current economic and investment market outlook.

On-going Reviews

Our on-going review service enquires about any changes to your objectives or attitude to risk and capacity for loss, so the portfolio can be further tailored to meet your changing needs. The repeated application of this approach in a disciplined manner allows us to make sure your money is employed in the most efficient manner to meet your objectives.