We have worked in a fee based culture since the early 1990s having been established originally by the partners of an accountancy firm concerned about commission-based misselling to their clients.

Once we have had a discussion about the work you would like us to do, we will provide you with a bespoke fee quote. We will not commence any chargeable work for you until you have instructed us to proceed.

If you have an existing financial adviser, why not use our fee quote to compare to the cost of their services. Most financial advisers have only started offering fees since the beginning of 2013 so their fee based propositions have not had the same time to evolve. We have always recorded our time spent which has helped us to understand the cost of doing business and identify areas where efficiency savings can be made.

Our finance director is a Chartered Management Account so we are continuously looking for ways to improve efficiency and deliver more value to clients.

Please call us on 01823 324432 to request a fee quote.